What can we hear at this moment? And what's happening over there? It's a sensory delight for anyone seeking surprise. Sitting still is nearly impossible and unnecessary.

WeeRKLaNK (resonance)

A dance performance for age 0 and up

WeeRKLaNK is a playful performance within a sound installation. A dancer, a musician, and a mime artist bring the interactive installation to life. After the performance, the performers invite everyone, from babies to great-grandparents, to embark on a journey of exploration in the playground of sounds.

It promises to be a lively, vibrant adventure and a feast for the senses. Dance along and let yourself be surprised!

This performance is suitable for families with children of all ages, and thanks to the intuitive experience of visual, dance, and music, the performance is also very suitable for the youngest audience members.

WeeRKLaNK was created in collaboration with Muziekgebouw aan het IJ.

Age and Accessibility

The unique approach of DADODANS makes it engaging for children of very different ages and developmental stages. DADODANS notices that children with a different type of development often feel comfortable in the intimate setting and playful approach of DADODANS’ performances. All of DADODANS’ dance performances are “language no problem” with universal themes, making them highly suitable for children (and caregivers) from various backgrounds and languages.

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The poetry is created thanks to the involvement of the little ones.

De poëzie ontstaat dankzij de betrokkenheid van de kleintjes. Their perception is central. Their perception is central. The latest performance WeeRKLaNK is intended for everyone from zero to a hundred, but especially suitable for small viewers, and is an inviting addition to the oeuvre.

Wendy Lubberding
Sound design:
Other collaborators
Costume design: