Bushes rustle, the owl calls 'ohoo.' And do you hear a crackling campfire? Three dancers and three musicians take you on a magical journey through the night.

NaCHT (night)

A dance performance for age 3 and up

The magic of the night….

NaCHT is a performance in which dance and live music form an inseparable whole. Three dancers and three musicians (bassoon, harp, and viola) take you to a completely different world. They create fascinating rituals in a cozy setting, making you embark on a magical journey through the night with dance, sound, and visuals.

NaCHT is a co-production of DADODANS and the Utrecht-based Insomnio Ensemble.

NaCHT was nominated for ‘Jonge Zwaan 2023.’ (Young Swan for most impressive youth dance production)

VSCD jury about NaCHT:
“Starting with the restrained sounds and a light plan immersed in lilac tones, choreographer Gaia Gonnelli initially hightlights the soft and friendly aspects of the night. Through associative paths, the performers later lead their young audience to the more exciting sides of darkness. The fluid dance contributes to the mystery. Particularly noteworthy is the organic way in which the dancers and musicians synchronize their movements.”

Gaia Gonnelli:
“Wat er zo uniek is aan NaCHT? Ik wil musici en dansers in hun volle en autonome kracht op het podium en hen tegelijkertijd laten versmelten. Een hedendaags concert en dansvoorstelling in één. Daarom hebben we met Nacht een cast van wel 6 professionals in totaal, wat uniek is voor de jongste doelgroep. Desondanks wordt de intimiteit gewaarborgd. Zo zitten alle kindjes dichtbij, op het podium en is er ruimte voor interactie.”

Age and accessibility
The unique approach of DADODANS makes it fascinating for children of very different ages and developmental stages. Each child develops in their own way. DADODANS notices that children with a different kind of development often feel comfortable in the intimate setting and playful approach of DADODANS’ performances. All DADODANS’ dance performances are ‘language no problem’ with universal themes, making them very suitable for children (and caregivers) from and with various backgrounds and languages.

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Dadodans and Insomnio Ensemble bring the night to life

In associative and musical dance theater, Dadodans and Insomnio Ensemble bring the night to life for three-year-olds and older, under a huge round moon that turns white, purple-red, and dark blue. The young audience eagerly joins this nocturnal adventure, initially fascinated and waiting, but later seduced by the performers to step onto the stage, catch lights in the darkness, and gaze together at the nocturnal firmament. The night belongs to everyone, even to the youngest.

Sander Janssens
Compositie en soundscape:
Set, kostuum en verlichting:
Other collaborators
Muzikaal advies:
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