A dance performance (3+) in a world of paper

Award winning concept of the Dutch Dance Festival for a Young audience 2017

It cracks, it tears, it smells like new books, you can crumble it, fold it and more….paper?

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Yesss! Three dancers are travelling through a landscape of paper.

They dance, crawl, slink and play… The paper flutters when they run, it rips when they walk right through it, it shrinks when they squeeze it. Different worlds take shape and crease, repeatedly.

In this world of paper what appears to be strong is actually very delicate and what looks fragile is instead strong … The dancers will share their dreams, fears, happiness and fragility. 

Paper is a musical and playful performance for the all family, where the dancer discover what friendship means for them.

Première Sunday October 14th 2018 in AINSI Maastricht during the Dutch Dance Festival 2018

Concept & Choreography Gaia Gonnelli Dance Elise Manier, Lorenzo Capodieci & Bryan Atmopawiro Music Wiebe Gotink Scenery & Costumes Ingrid Govers Light Ellen Knops Photography Ben Van Duin Financial Management Lisa Donia Production Management Agnese Rosati Publicity Hedwig Van Der Zwaal A Production by Dadodans Gaia Gonnelli C-production Nederlandse Dansdagen and Dansmakers Amsterdam