© Saris & den Engelsman

A dance and music performance for everybody from 2 years up

Listening and watching, watching and listening…

A heartbeat. A hand opens and closes. You hear the soft rhythm of a drum a child’s song. Then unexpectedly a jump in the air, a turn. Sound is building up and flows in to a swinging dance.

Can hands fly as butterflies? Feet laugh or arms sleep? Can a drum cry and a piano laugh?

Dancer/choreographer Gaia Gonnelli and musician Wiebe Gotink  let the audience experience the richness of movement and sound.

Mysteriously music emerges from metal rods, bells, the dancer and even a nose. In Upside down music and dance bring each other to life.

After the successful Kleur ( 2+) Gaia Gonnelli creates again an original and imaginative performance. Her interest lies in creating work that encourages children to use their own imagination.

Upside down is the second collaboration with Wiebe Gotink, he composed also the music for Kleur. Wiebe fascination’s lies in the fusion of dance and music and in the inexhaustible possibility to play with them.

Concept, choreography Gaia Gonnelli and Wiebe Gotink Dance Gaia Gonnelli Music & performance Wiebe Gotink Rehearsal director/ understudy Katerina Dietzova Costums Arlette Muschter Artistic advice Wies Bloemen, Ingrid Wolff Lightdesign Elllen Knops PR Lisette Brouwers, RVCC | Rinske Verdult communicatie in cultuur Production Sanne Wichman Technique Natasja Giebels Fotography Diana Blok Coproduction Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dadodans| Gaia Gonnelli Thanks to Danstheater AYA, Festival 2 Turven Hoog Supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam, city of  Amsterdam, VSB fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, European Commission and Small Size, big citizens and Fonds Podiumkunsten