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It is pitch dark and as whisper-quiet, we feel the tension of the dark night surrounding us.

Stars appear in the distance. First one by one, then hundreds, thousands of them twinkle next to the narrow ellipse of the crescent moon. We hear crickets chirping. In the distance an owl calls and the nightjar sings softly.

Are we hearing that right and is there a campfire in the distance? We hear drumming. A group hums and sings together, to chase away the wild animals in the forest. There is drinking and dancing; we hear glasses clinking, feet stamping and rustling in the bushes.

Would we dare to dance with them? Would we be welcome?

Nacht shows us the magical rituals of the night and its sounds that come to life with dance and music. The interaction between live music and dance is central to this performance. The soundscape consists of acoustic sounds that evoke a night-time atmosphere. Nacht is a co-production of Dadodans and the Utrecht music ensemble Insomnio, whom specialize in contemporary classical music.