A dance performance for everybody from 2 years up 

Verfen einde

The floor is white paper.Two dancers roll, crawl, and turn on the floor.Their actions and movements leave colored traces on the paper…red, blue, and yellow. Slowly a colorful painting is created, made not only with brushes or with hands and fingers but also with the whole body.

In Kleur (Color) children experience that painting can be physical and dynamic action, and the various treatments and movements can produce diverse forms on the paper. Thereby encouraging the understanding of physical language, the choreography becomes visible on the paper synthesizing the two art forms: painting and dancing.

Gaia Gonnelli is an Italian choreographer and dancer based in The Netherlands. Gaia Gonnelli creates work for children in the early age. Her work combines dance, theatre, live music as well as other art disciplines. Her interest lies in creating work that encourages children to use their own imagination.

Watch the trailer on vimeo: Color

Choreography Gaia Gonnelli Dance Leena Keizer/Katerina Dietzova/Gaia Gonnelli, Rocco Vermijs/ Niels Weijers Music Bobby Mc Ferrin, Wiebe Gotink Design Roosien Verlaan Production Sanne Wichman PR Lisette Brouwer Video Beldan Sezen Fotography Diana Blok / Saris & den Engelsman A co-production of: Dansmakers Amsterdam, 2 Turven Hoog