Introduction to Dadodans

Get to know Dadodans and Gaia Gonnelli through Moving Meetings: Dadodans – Dutch Dance Festival. In this video Gonnelli gives an introduction to her work and you’ll get to see fragments of KLaNK!

(Credits: Dutch Dance Awards 2020)

In KLaNK (SouND) the young audience experiences the transitions from vibration to music, gibberish to singing, just as the sound of the mother’s voice resonates in her child, a dancer and musician are discovering in each other the resonance of their voices.

(Fragment from Kleur+)

KLeuR+ (CoLouR+) is a dance performance for the whole family. A dancer rolls and spins on a paper floor. She leaves behind traces of paint in red, blue, yellow and green. Slowly but surely a colourful painting emerges, made by her entire body.

In September 2021, dancer Candela Murillo won the prestigious Dutch performance award (Zilveren Krekel) ”Best stage performance” for her dance in KLeuR+ and Klank. Both performances are available for an international tour.

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