Education at Dadodans

The investigative attitude of children serves as a significant source of inspiration for Dadodans│Gaia Gonnelli choreographies. Children possess a natural curiosity, desiring to taste, touch, and fully immerse themselves in their activities, especially when given the freedom to express their creativity. This innate originality aligns perfectly with the ethos of Dadodans’ performances and educational programs.

Dadodans aims to nurture children’s imagination and fantasy by bridging the gap between the dancers and the audience. This is achieved by actively involving young spectators in the performances, making the movement tangible and accessible. Similarly, the educational materials are designed to forge a deep emotional bond between the children and the performance.

Drie pijlers staan centraal, het bewegende lichaam, integratie van disciplines en de creatieve ontwikkeling van het kind.

We have developed activities for playgroups, primary and special education, theatres.

Do you have a specific wish or do you want Dadodans to think along about how an educational activity could connect to a certain project? Let us know and contact Marije Heijda via