KoKERS (3+)

A city, a forest, a house, a playground…

Two dancers build their own world with cardboard tubes (kokers). How can you build a world or break it down?

Do you build alone or together? Which games can you play? Who determines the rules to make the game even more fun? In ‘Tubes’ two dancers discover how to play together.



PREMIERE :September 18, Dansmakers Podium Amsterdam
After the successful performances Colour (2+) and Upside-Down (2+), Gaia Gonnelli once again creates an original and imaginative performance for the youngest children. In her work she combines dance, theatre, live music as well as other art disciplines. Her interest lies in creating work that encourages children to use their own imagination. Tubes is her third collaboration with Wiebe Gotink, who also composed the music for Colour and and Upside-Down. Wiebe’s fascination lies in the fusion of dane and music, and the inexhaustible potential to play with it. 

Concept, choreography Gaia Gonnelli Dance Bryan Atmopawiro, Niels Weijer Music Wiebe Gotink Repetitor Katerina Dietzova Stage design Erik van Raalte Costumes Asalia Khadje Artistic advice Wies Bloemen, Suzy Blok Managing director Gysele ter Berg Publicity RVCC | Rinske Verdult communicatie in cultuur Production Dadodans|Gaia Gonnelli Co-production Dansmakers Amsterdam Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, VSB fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds