About Dadodans

With Dadodans, choreographer/dancer Gaia Gonnelli creates associative, intimate and stimulating multidisciplinary dance performances for young children (0 to 8 years).

With very young children as a target group, Gaia distinguishes itself in the current dance field. She uses dance to give shape to a personal, free world of imagination that appeals to children. She uses dance to give shape to a personal, free world of imagination that appeals to children. Working with materials and primary elements (shapes, colors and sounds) plays an important role in all Dadodans performances. Dadodans also develops educational projects for primary schools, whether or not connected to a performance.

The name of the foundation is Stichting Dado.

The objective of the Dado Foundation is to promote dance as an art form and means of communication and to promote choreographic work by Gaia Gonnelli for the widest possible audience (1 – 100 years old) as well as to promote and stimulate creativity and imagination through dance, also in combination. of other art forms such as music, drama, visual arts and visual arts, all in the style of Gaia Gonnelli in the broadest sense of the word.

The Dado Foundation endorses and applies the Culture Governance Code, the Diversity & Inclusion Code and the Fair Practice Code.

The foundation is affiliated with the NAPK and management and staff are classified according to the Collective Labor Agreement for Theater and Dance.

As a foundation, Dadodans wants to fulfill its duties to provide care and safety to its employees in a responsible manner. Dadodans wants to be an organization and workplace where everyone can feel at ease, where they can work and communicate openly with each other and where each other is listened to. At Dadodans we work together with respect, trust and honesty and there is understanding for differences. Connection, fun and transparency are core values of Dadodans. We check in with others, are open to others’ boundaries, try to have equal conversations with each other and consciously involve each other. Dadodans does not tolerate aggression and violence, (verbal) intimidation, abuse of power, bullying, sexual harassment, racism or discrimination.


Peter van der Hoop (chair)

Sanne Boersma (treasurer)

Judith van Hemert (general member)

Annual accounts


Dadodans receives a multi-year subsidy from the Performing Arts Fund (FPK) and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) during the 2021-24 arts plan and is supported by project subsidies from FONDS21, Janivo, VSB fund, Cultuurfonds.